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Artificial intelligence

While a longstanding field within computer science, the rapid advancement of generative artificial intelligence has led to an increasing number of inquiries encompassing diverse areas such as copyright, illegal content, image rights, discriminatory bias and privacy concerns. European institutions are actively addressing these issues, focusing on the responsibilities of various stakeholders involved in AI development and deployment, alongside setting boundaries for these technologies.

At Audens, we offer comprehensive assistance concerning the legal implications arising from the use of artificial intelligence, guided by one fundamental principle: legal by design. Our role involves identifying risks associated with contracting and utilising such solutions, starting from the early stages, before selecting the foundational model or initiating the AI learning process.


  • We specialise in technology procurement, particularly providing consultancy for tailoring and implementing artificial intelligence projects.

Machine learning

  • We assist in defining content for machine learning processes to minimise the risks of bias and potential intellectual property infringements.

Impact assessments

  • When this technology involves personal data, we conduct risk analyses stemming from its use, propose mitigation measures, and substantiate these through legal reports.

Illegal content

  • We take necessary actions to halt AI-driven uses that encroach upon your rights, pursuing appropriate compensation where applicable.

Legal and ethical opinions

  • We prepare assessments on the legality or ethicality of diverse AI applications, particularly ensuring alignment with European grants and subsidies criteria.
Artificial intelligence



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