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Company law

Company law covers the whole life of a business, including before it begins its activity. It starts by the choice of the legal form, the incorporation of the company and the drafting of bylaws and shareholder agreements. It continues with the day-to-day management of the company: general meetings, capital increases, appointments of officers, etc. and ends with structural changes (mergers, spin-offs) or even with winding-up.

These steps require appropriate legal advice to protect the company and its directors and create a balance between legal security and simplicity in the approach, while maintaining a comprehensive vision of the business. And our law firm can help you achieve it.

Audens covers the main needs that may arise in your company at any time, from forming companies (limited, public, professional, workforce owned...) and improving your bylaws and shareholder agreements, to extending branches of activity or creating franchise networks.

Forming companies

  • We form all kinds of companies, and also undertake their restructuring: capital increases and reductions, entry of new partners, purchase or sale of assets, mergers...

General business advice

  • We advise on regulatory compliance and collaborate on the organisation of general meetings of shareholders, the drafting of minutes or working with notaries and making entries in the Companies Register.

Shareholder agreements

  • Shareholder agreements regulate relations between present and future partners and allow for the firm’s sustainable growth. We are specialists in putting these ideas into sound legal documents.

Legal advisor to the board

  • Due diligence by boards of directors often requires having a legal advisor who can act as “secretary (non-member) of the board”. This is another of our services.