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Internet business activies are affected by extensive and changing regulations. To understand and to take advantage of them is one the keys to success in the Net. Having a corporate website, developing web portals, participating in social networks... all of them are widely adopted methods that require to deal with many legal issues: legislation on the Internet, contracting, users and consumers, distance selling...

Our role is not just to draft terms and conditions: we go far beyond. We help you to put each element in its rightful place, to bring your purchasing procedures into line with legal provisions or to implement a cookie policy compliant with applicable law, to give just a few examples.

Audens, being aware that the current social and economic context makes it critical the presence on the Internet, provides comprehensive advice on the following matters:

Internet law

  • We give legal advice on the provision of "information society services" and on electronic commerce, and on adapting websites to the Spanish legislation implementing the Directive 2000/31/EC.

Online contracting

  • We help you to put in place legal procedures on distance selling, means of payment and non-repudiation, and to draft general terms and conditions and other legal disclaimers.

Cookies law

  • We audit how a website generates and installs cookies, identify first-party and third-party cookies and draft the applicable policies and notifications to users.

Users and consumers

  • We assess compliance with consumers law: verify that products are correctly labeled, remove unfair terms from contracts, draft reimbursement protocols...

Legal defence

  • We assist you in case that the Secretariat of State for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda or any other public body opens a disciplinary proceeding against your website.