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Competition law

Exploitative abuses, predatory pricing... markets tends to get distorted by anti-competitive and abusive practices, not always easy to be detected. Both large corporations and SMEs requiere adequate prevention, protection and defense to survive on the market.

Audens provides specific advide and advocacy, both before courts and supervisory authorities, and even before any legal action is taken.

Commercial agreements

  • Some common practices, such as distribution or supply agreements, may restrict competition. We analyse whether these agreements are lawful and suggest solutions according to your needs.

Dominant position

  • A company in a dominant position on the market may harm competition, even in the absence of collusion. In this case, specialised advice becomes critical.

Unlawful competition

  • In some cases, serious unfair practices can also harm competition in the market: dumping, abuse of economic dependence, exploitation of competitors' reputation...

Defence in disciplinary proceedings

  • Legal assistance in proceedings arising before the Spanish National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC) or its regional counterparts.