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Multimedia and audiovisual

Video games, TV, cinema and the whole entertainment industry are evolving gradually towards more technological, digital and innovative scenarios, where new business models, platforms and distribution systems are emerging and deserve specialised attention.

The design of a multimedia work, the development of its source code, interface, original music, script or characters, and its funding system and subsequent modelling and distribution, are for us part of a whole: a creation on which we provide comprehensive advice.

Our advice is geared to responding to the legal needs of this industry, including audiovisual producers, music companies, music editors and video game developers, as well as artists, authors and interpreters. Our mission is always to prevent conflicts and favour cultural development.


  • Audiovisual and multimedia producers require a wide variety of contracts, for technicians, actors, developers, distributors, etc. The success of your project could depend on whether they are correctly drafted.


  • The decision as to whether to opt for traditional distribution systems, downloading models or streaming platforms is up to you. What we do is take care of the licences and legal implications.

Fighting piracy

  • The fight against cultural piracy on the Internet requires a coordinated effort of which we are part. We can suggest a variety of ways to defend your intellectual property.


  • The sale of products related to films and video games is a booming business, in which it is essential to generate or obtain the necessary licences. That is where we come in.

Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing

  • The collaborative economy provides access to new sources of finance and the talent attraction. We help you use them to your advantage, mitigating the legal risks that threaten the viability of the project.