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Litigation and legal defence

Breach of contract, unfair competition, appeals against penalties, etc. Conflicts in civil, mercantile and administrative proceedings may be of many different kinds. Sometimes, preventive measures are not sufficient and a strategy has to be created, evidence established, documents drafted... The aim is always to increase the chances of success in these kinds of disputes.

Our goal is to benefit our clients. The response to any legal action must include planning a defence that is in your interest, where the study of the circumstances and tests will be fundamental for directing negotiations or appearing before the courts. We do so with a team of lawyers who are highly experienced in procedural law, particularly in the civil, mercantile and administrative jurisdictions; and with experts in negotiation and out-of court settlement of disputes.

We are at your side in all the phases that involve an appeal, action or any kind of legal procedure.

Negotiation and amicable settlement of disputes

  • We believe in discussion, in out-of-court negotiation and in settlements as a way of avoiding the courts. We aim to achieve the maximum benefit for our clients at the lowest personal and economic cost.

Gathering of evidence

  • We help you identify, gather and provide the most beneficial evidence that we can obtain, to tip the balance in your favour at the trial.

Formal notices and claims

  • The defence of your rights begins either with the drafting of a claim, or as the response to a notice received. We help to ensure that these texts comply with their required format.

Legal defence and advice

  • We draft lawsuits, statements of defence or any other documents and of course plan the appropriate strategy to make your rights prevail in the courts.