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Legal notice

This legal notice states the general terms regulating the access to and the use of the website (hereinafter, "the Website"), which AUDENS makes available to Internet users. AUDENS is a law firm comprised of the following companies:

  • Audens Legal, SLP, limited professional company incorporated under the laws of Spain and located at Madrid, Marqués de Cubas 12, 5ºC, with Tax Identification Number B85808954. It is inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid, volume 27,250, folio 17, section 8, sheet M-490,934; and in the Professional Companies Registry of the Madrid Bar Association, under number 597/1.
  • Audens Norte, SLP, limited professional company incorporated under the laws of Spain and located at Bilbao, Calle Elcano 14, 2º Izquierda, with Tax Identification Number B95853248.It is inscribed in the Mercantile Registry of Biscay, volume 5.644, folio 48, section 8, sheet BI-68.653; and in the Professional Companies Registry of the Biscay Bar Association under number SP-160.

This document is an English translation, provided for users' convenience only. Although reasonable efforts have been made to provide an accurate translation, the Spanish version of this general terms will govern the relationship between users and AUDENS. If there is any contradiction between what the Spanish version of the general terms says and what this translation says, the Spanish version shall take precedence.

By accessing and using this Website, you agree to be bound by this general terms, without prejudice to any special conditions that may apply to certain specific services available on the Website.

Intellectual property

Copyright in all elements making up the Website, as well as its source code, design, browsing structure, database and any other elements contained therein, is owned by Audens, either because it holds the exploitation rights in any form (in particular the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation) or because it has the necessary licenses for publication.

The displaying, printing and downloading of part of the content of this Website is permitted under the following conditions only:

  • That it is in keeping with the purpose of the Website;
  • That it is performed for personal and private use only. Any use for commercial or illegal purposes is explicitly forbidden;
  • That it does not compromise the integrity of the Website. Any modification of its content in any way whatsoever is strictly forbidden.

A number of the images posted on the Website come from other sites. All of them are honestly used, insofar as they are published under licenses allowing their commercial use for free. In those cases, the author and the source are adequately mentioned, and they are licensed under the same conditions as the original license.

AUDENS owns all the industrial property rights to its products and services. Regarding information about products or services from third parties, AUDENS recognises in favour of their holders the corresponding industrial and intellectual property rights. Their mere mention or appearance in the Website does not entail the existence of any rights or responsibilities on Audens regarding the same, nor does it entail support, patronage, or recommendation by Audens, unless explicitly stated.

The unauthorised use of the information contained in the Website, its resale, as well as the breach of the Intellectual or Industrial property rights owned by AUDENS will give rise to the legally established liabilities.


In order to improve the performance of the Website, AUDENS reserves the right to make, at any time and without the need for prior notice, modifications and updates of the information contained in the Website, of its set up and design and of this legal notice, as well as any other particular conditions.

Waiver of warranty

AUDENS does not warrant that the access to the Website or its content will be uninterrupted, timely or free from error. As long as there are no causes making it difficult or impossible, AUDENS undertakes to carry out all tasks aimed to solve errors, re-establish communications and update the content, and as soon as it becomes aware of errors, disconnections or lack of updating in the content.

AUDENS shall not be liable for content, information or services linked from the Website, provided they are not part of the Website, nor does it guarantee the absence of virus or other elements therein that may alter the users' computer system (hardware or software), documents or files, excluding any responsibility for damages of any kind caused to the user for this reason.

AUDENS shall neither be liable for resulting security errors or damages which may lead to the user's computer system (hardware or software), files or documents, due to:

  • The presence of a virus on the user's computer which is used to connect to the services and content offered on the Website.
  • The malfunction of the browser or use of not updated versions thereof.

Users' participation

Some pages of the Website may allow the participation through comments. If that is the case, users may send texts by using the form provided for that purpose. When sending such texts, by clicking the relevant button, users agree:

  • To respect law, morality and good deeds, public order and these general terms.
  • To send lawful and truthful opinions and comments only, related to the topic and content of each article.
  • To license AUDENS to all rights that are needed to post the text in the website.
  • To refrain from sending contents or links that may be deemed to be defamatory, slanderous, offensive, racist, menacing or discriminatory; as well as commercial, or promotional.

Moreover, users recognise:

  • That AUDENS shall not be liable for the opinions made by users, who are advised that the use of this facility is at their own risk and responsibility.
  • That users' comments do not reflect the opinion of AUDENS, its partners or its employees.
  • That AUDENS does not warrant, in any case, the publication of the contents sent by users. In that sense, all comments are automatically checked by an antispam filter, and they formal aspects are moderated by an administrator of the Website, who respects the democratic freedoms of speech and information.
  • That AUDENS might delete those comments that do not comply with this participation conditions.

Governing law and venue

This general terms shall be governed by and costrued in accordance with the Spanish Law. If you wish, you may access to the legislation applicable to our profession through this link.

AUDENS and the user, waiving any other jurisdiction to which they may be entitled, agree that any dispute, discrepancy, issue or claim resulting from the access or use of the Website shall be resolved by the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid (Spain).