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Data protection

Knowing about your customers is crucial, but at the same time processing personal data requires full compliance with a strict legislation. This is particularly true in Spain, where the Data Protection Act (Ley Orgánica 15/1999) is especially severe, and affects all industries. In order to help you, our team includes some of the most recognised national experts on this area and has the experience gained from having worked to several of the biggest companies in our country (we never disclose their identity due to confidentiality reasons).

Audens can help you to implement these regulations in your organisation, creating a culture of privacy in all your processes with the aim of achieving not only satisfactory, but tailor-made strategies for compliance. We turn obligations into a competitive advantage.

When performing our tasks we keep very much in mind the recently adopted Regulation (EU) 2016/679: although it is not applicable until May 2018, it is important to start the alignment with its requirements!

Consulting and auditing services

  • We offer solutions, adapting your processes to comply with data protection regulations. We work from a premise that compliance is useless if you are not able to provide evidences of it.

Privacy impact assessments

  • There are legal implications associated with processing personal data. An assessment prior to carrying out any operation enables to identify risks, prevent its consequences and reduce costs.

Internal trainings

  • The better your staff knows the Law, the more likely they are to comply with it. We develop training courses adapted to your company's business model and working environment.

Data protection officer

  • If your company needs a data protection officer in Spain and you prefer to rely upon an external professional, we can help you. We perform these tasks in a proactive way, aimed at bringing added value.

International transfers

  • Standard contractual clauses, binding corporate rules, Privacy Shield... We specialise in international data flows, ever more important in a globalised world.

Legal defence

  • Assistance in case of inspection by the Spanish Data Protection Agency, lodging of administrative appeals... All with one goal in mind: to avoid any potential penalty.