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Audens is a Spanish law firm practicing business law. We believe in quality, diligence and specialisation. And we believe in our clients. We provide added value with real, feasible and flexible legal solutions.

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Our practice is focused on technology and advertising. We specialise in privacy, e-commerce, online marketing, social networks... We understand this industry, speak its language, have long experience and can help you!


We believe in work well done: certainty based on flexibility and customisation. If you are not satisfied, neither are we.


Are you looking for and expert? You have found it. It is simple: we focus on the areas in which we excel. Just as it should be.


We engage with our clients. Our mision is to support you throughout your project and help you achieve success.

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Keyword: marca registradaKEYWORD: MARCA REGISTRADA

¿Es legal utilizar la marca de un competidor para anunciar nuestros productos o servicios en AdWords? Te resumimos las sentencias que han respondido a esta pregunta.

El fin del geo-blockingEL FIN DEL GEO-BLOCKING

Analizamos el Reglamento (UE) 2018/302, sobre geo-blocking, que prohibe a los ecommerce poner barreras geográficas a los consumidores europeos por motivo de su nacionalidad o del Estado desde el que intenten comprar.

El Margen de la Ley [+]

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