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Advertising law

Investing in advertising means investing in visibility, market and business. As is the case with all investment, it requires legal certainty. Inappropriate management of advertising efforts may turn a beneficial campaign into a problem: infringement of copyright or consumer rights, claims for misleading or unfair advertising, complaints for data protection... Or at times it may be even worse: a reputational crisis likely to damage your brand, image and company.

A disruptive and novel campaign, guerrilla marketing or the use of social networks, influencers and promotions go hand-in-hand with appropriate legal advice. You can protect your company’s image and prestige using from the start the specialised preventive advice provided by Audens.

Advertising contracts

  • The success of a campaign often depends on a good contract. We draft and negotiate agreements for all kinds of advertising platforms: press, radio, TV, the Internet, sponsorship, etc.

Conventional campaings

  • We carry out prior analysis of copys, scripts and placement of your advertising campaigns, to guarantee compliance with the law and good industry practice.

Contests and prize draws

  • We advise on the most appropriate way to carry out a promotion. We not only draft the legal terms and conditions, but guide you on the mechanics, applicable taxes, etc.

Advertising self-regulation

  • We can represent you in cases that are brought before Autocontrol, the main and most representative authority for advertising self-regulation in Spain.