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Advertising law

Investing in advertising means investing in visibility, markets, and business. Like any investment, it necessitates legal certainty. Mishandling advertising efforts can transform a promising campaign into a legal issue: copyright or consumer rights infringement, claims of misleading or unfair advertising, complaints regarding data protection... Or, in more severe cases, it could lead to a reputational crisis that risks damaging your brand, image, and company.

Innovative and disruptive campaigns, guerrilla marketing or leveraging social networks, influencers and promotions require precise legal guidance. Safeguard your company's image and prestige by proactively seeking specialised preventive advice from Audens.

Advertising contracts

  • The success of a campaign often hinges on a robust contract. We draft and negotiate agreements across various advertising platforms: press, radio, TV, the Internet, sponsorship, etc.

Conventional campaings

  • We conduct thorough analyses of copywriting, scripts and the placement of your advertising campaigns to ensure compliance with legal standards and industry best practices.

Contests and prize draws

  • We provide guidance on executing promotions, from drafting legal terms and conditions to advising on mechanics and applicable taxes.

Advertising self-regulation

  • We can represent your interests in cases brought before Autocontrol, Spain's primary and most representative authority for advertising self-regulation."
Advertising law



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