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Online marketing

Digital media advertising is undergoing tremendous growth, comprising a substantial portion of total advertiser spending in Spain. This surge, which surpasses four billion euros annually, reflects the dynamism of the sector. Concepts like behavioural targeting, social marketing, influencer strategies and real-time bidding have seamlessly integrated into the online landscape, shaping the language of the Internet. Navigating these areas requires specialised legal counsel.

At Audens, we stand as pioneers in providing legal support to the online marketing industry. Collaborating closely with companies and agencies of varying scales, from multinational corporations to burgeoning startups, we have garnered profound insights into the market, knowledge we are ready to share with you.

Our advisory focus lies in facilitating business operations: our goal is not solely to ascertain the legality of an action but to devise ways of execution that minimise risks.

Data management

  • Central to this sector is the challenge of leveraging the benefits of big data and AI to enhance the customisation of advertising messages. We specialise in guiding you through this process.

Social Media Marketing

  • What boundaries exist when utilising information gleaned from social profiles of existing customers and leads in Spain? We ensure that you harness this resource with legal certainty.

Native advertising and branded content

  • Agencies and advertisers seek to captivate consumers by seamlessly integrating advertising messages into content. We meticulously analyse the legality of such actions to mitigate potential risks.


  • The competition for search engine positioning, whether through organic methods or paid avenues, can lead to conflicts with third parties. We assist in resolving these conflicts in your favour.

Other services

  • Our expertise extends to various techniques including direct marketing, web analytics, competitions, prize draws, affiliate marketing, and more. Reach out to us for any inquiries!
Online marketing



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