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Online marketing

Advertising in the digital media is experiencing explosive growth, and is now easily in excess of one billion euros per year, accounting for more than a quarter the total spending by advertisers. The reason for this growth is probably the dynamism of the sector: concepts such as behavioural targeting, social marketing, influencers and real-time bidding now form part of normal Internet language. They require specialised legal advice.

Audens is a law firm that is a pioneer in providing legal assistance to the online marketing sector. We work hand-in-hand with companies and agencies of all sizes, from major multinationals to startups that are in the process of taking off. Our clients (whom we can never reveal for reasons of confidentiality) have allowed us to accumulate a profound knowledge of the market, which we now put at your disposal.

Our advice is geared to making business easier: our aim is not to determine the legality of an action, but rather to find a way of carrying it out while reducing risk to a minimum.

Data management

  • This is probably the big issue in the sector: How to make use of the advantages offered by big data to perfect customisation of advertising messages? We can help you do it.

Marketing in the social media

  • What are the limits to extracting, storing and using information from social profiles of existing customers and leads? We take care that you can use this source with legal certainty.

Native advertising and branded content

  • Agencies and advertisers aim to capture the attention of consumers by integrating the advertising message into the content. We analyse the legality of actions of this kind, to mitigate possible risks.


  • At times, the battle for positioning in search engines (whether natural or via payment) generates conflicts with third parties. We help you to resolve them as beneficially as possible for your interests.

Other actions

  • We also specialise in techniques such as direct marketing, web analytics, competitions and prize draws, affiliate marketing, etc. Call us if you have any doubts!