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Practice areas

Technology advances are giving rise to an actual revolution in the field of law. New realities. New opportunities. New challenges that we will help you to overcome.

Artificial intelligence

The increasing deployment of artificial intelligence in business poses a multitude of legal challenges that we help you to address. [+]


Using disruptive technologies, like blockchain, does not exempt for legal responsibilities and duties. Good advice is essential. [+]

Data protection

Knowing your client is crucial, but processing personal data also requires compliance with a strict legislation, not always easy to observe. [+]


Internet business activies are affected by a broad and changing legislation. Knowing and taking advantage of it is often the key to success. [+]

Multimedia and audiovisual

Videogames, movies and TV are the most profitable cultural products, but an approrpiate advice is needed to exploit this potential. [+]

Online marketing

Have you ever considered the legal consequences of actions such as merchandising, direct marketing, behavioural targeting or big data? [+]

Online reputation

The Internet is an endless source of conflicts which can impact your online reputation. We can help you to mitigate their effects. [+]

Software law

Apps, cloud computing, websites... Drafting robust terms and licenses does not only prevent conflicts, but also creates added value. [+]

Telecommunications law

Given that telecommunications industry is a heavily regulated market, a highly specialized legal advice becomes even more essential. [+]

Advertising law

Engaging the services of an agency, drafting the small print of an ad, reviewing copies and scripts... Are you sure that you do not need a lawyer? [+]

Company law

Company's managers are subject to multiple obligations provided for under commercial law. We can help you to comply with them. [+]

Competition law

Exploitative abuses, predatory pricing... any market tends to get distorted by abusive practices infringing free competition. [+]

Consumer protection

Taking care of customers and users is, as well as a good decision from a business viewpoint, a legally binding obligation. [+]

Copyright law

Copyright protection faces unprecedented threats, in the form of electronic piracy. Is your company ready for this environment? [+]

Honour, privacy and self-image

We react to infringements of these fundamental rights and help professionals and companies to manage them in the most convenient way. [+]

Litigation and legal defence

Sometimes there is no option but going to court. We can help you both to deal with the lawsuit and to seek a possible pre-trial agreement. [+]

Patents and trademarks

Patents, trademarks, domain names... Proper protection of industrial property is a challenge that, well managed, offers huge benefits. [+]