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Telecommunications law

As telecommunications industry is heavily regulated, a highly specialized legal advice becomes essential. This is a strategic sector but, however, it is more and more questioned by consumers and put under pressure by public authorities.

Audens' legal approach tends to fully cover the needs of the industry, from filing applications for licenses and drafting contracts, to lodging claims, challenging public decisions, handling customers' complaints, advising in relations with competitors and industry associations...

Relations with regulators

  • We handle proceedings before the Spanish National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC): start of activity communications, inclusion in the register of operators, application for numering ranges...

Consumer protection

  • We provide advice on compliance with the sectoral legislation on consumer protection, draft contracts, send payment reminders, include defaulting debtors in credit blacklists...

Network deployment

  • We also provide advice on obtaining construction permits to deploy telecommunications networks and to install antennas, as well as on negotiating with owners' associations.

Access and interconnection

  • We negotiate and draft agreements and help to solve conflicts on the provision or resale of electronic communications services, interoperability, indirect access, network infraestructure sharing...

Premium rate services

  • We advise our clients in understanding and complying with the Code of Conduct for premium rate services providers and the applicable legislation in force.