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Consumer protection

Relationships with consumers and final users are the centerpiece of many business models and, thanks to technology, many of these relationships take place in a digital environment.

The existence of a regulatory system with especially strong consumer protection makes it imperative not only to know the products and services which are being marketed, but also the rules of the game to deal with such customers.

This is why our primary mission is to set up sales processes which observe existing legislation, including the general and sectoral rules of law that may apply. This helps our clients to avoid disputes, to solve them quickly if they arrive and, in short, to focus on their business.


  • We draft general terms and conditions, draw up commercial guarantees, and set up sales and after-sales channels, including return and withdrawal processes.

Commercial offers

  • We help our clients to set up their commercial offers according to each dissemination channel, such as websites, mobile apps, television or print media.

Relationship with enforcement bodies

  • We advise on administrative proceedings regarding consumer protection, including those handled by the Municipal Consumer Information Offices (OMIC) and the Autonomous Communities.

Relationship with consumers

  • We help our clients to find amicable solutions to disputes with consumers, both in the pre-trial or arbitration phase and even before courts.
Consumer protection



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