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The recent buoyancy of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ether has fostered a significant increase in developments based on its underlying technology: blockchain. Its potential and disruptive nature is contributing to the creation of transparent and safe distributed platforms, and allows greater efficiency on existing businesses and processes.

As with all emerging technologies, in particular in their early stages, blockchain is currently not specifically regulated in Spain. This does not mean, however, that it operates in a legal vacuum: our legal framework is broad, so the rights and obligations under it also apply to the chain of blocks.

Audens is aware of this context and offers specialised advice, based on the existing regulatory framework, tailored to each case and in line not only with the development of this technology, but also with the rules applying to it.

Blockchain and DLT

  • Developing distributed platforms based on DLT and blockchain comprises a number of factors and regulatory requirements. There is nothing better than a simple legal advice to promote the use of these technologies.


  • Using and managing cryptoassets may raise many questions about their legal framework, in particular from a tax and fiscal perspective. We can help you. Shall we talk?


  • What legal issues should be considered to launch a funding round like this? What kind of ICO is preferable and what risks would it entail? We take care of everything without letting anything fall by the wayside.

Smart contracts

  • Automating contractual guarantees requires the definition of precise rules and specific programming for each project: one more reason to seek advice from experts on law and technology.



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