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Online reputation

Times have changed a great deal with respect to reputation. While traditionally it used to evolve in a straight line, depending on your actions, now the effect is cumulative: at any time, an unfortunate comment in the social media, a news item that reappears after a newspaper digitises its back issues or a negative opinion of a business on the Internet may ruin the most carefully developed communication strategy. And this can happen even if the information dates back some time.

Fortunately, many of these situations have a solution. We can help with procedures such as the exercise of the right to data protection, submission of requests for withdrawal or delisting contents, or the initiation of legal actions for violation of honour or unfair competition, to give just three examples.

We always coordinate our actions with our clients' promotional and marketing strategy. The aim is to find the most effective response to cases such as these:

The right to be forgotten on the Internet

  • We are experts in privacy. If a search for your name on an Internet search engine brings up results that are damaging to you, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can help you.

Negative opinions

  • Angry former employees, unscrupulous competitors... Criticisms of a business online do not always come from legitimately annoyed users, and normally we can react to them.

Insults, threats...

  • Freedom of speech does not include insults, slander, harassment, coercion... Of course, you can take action against their authors, and with all the more reason if they are carried out online.

Brand misuse

  • We can give you legal advice if your competitors try to use your company's name or the name of your products to divert traffic to their websites or social profiles.
Online reputation



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