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Honour, privacy and self-image

A picture posted on online, a comment on the social media, the inclusion of your image in an ad... All these activities can harm your reputation and good name, affecting the right to honour, privacy or personal image. This is particularly so if they are carried out for monetary gain or if those filmed or photographed are minors.

Audens provides the legal means in cases where your rights are violated by the publication of videos, images or even your own name on the Internet without your authorisation. In addition, we provide specific advice in matters of image rights. We plan and profile the ideal conditions for their exploitation, protecting both companies in the sector and artists, sports people, models and in general all those professionals who require such services. This means we can help you in situations such as:

Illegal use

  • We do what is necessary to ensure that your name or image is not used illegally, demanding the corresponding compensation where appropriate.

Contracts for artistic representation

  • We advise both artists and their representatives and managers. We draft the corresponding contracts and provide legal assistance during the whole lifetime of the relationship.

The media and advertising

  • We provide protection not only to the media and agencies, but also to journalists and actors, and even occasional collaborators such as competitors, guests, etc.


  • We determine whether the use of a minor’s image may require special consent, or even the authorisation of the competent authorities.