Audens - Information Technology Law Firm

Industrial property

Industrial property Patents, trademarks, domain names... Although it is challenging, an adequate protection of industrial property can create huge benefits, allowing companies to differentiate their goods and services within the marketplace and monetize their inventions.

Audens assist you in protecting and enforcing these rights against third parties, ensuring a return on your advertising, research, development and innovation investment.

  • Trademarks and trade names
    We process your trademark applications, file oppositions to identical or similar marks and advise you on drafting assignment or licensing agreements.
  • Patents and industrial design rights
    We file your applications and follow-up them in order to protect your company's assets against third party intrusions.
  • Domain names
    We work to find the solutions necessary to solve domain name disputes in the Net: judicial or arbitral actions, negotiation, preventive registration...
  • Protection of trade secrets
    We advise you on trade secret and non-disclosure agreements, technology licensing and/or assignment contracts, franchising...
  • Due diligence
    We carry out preventive reviews to assess the degree of protection of your intangible assets, indicating its current situation and proposing corrective measures.