Audens - Information Technology Law Firm

Electronic commerce

Electronic commerce Internet business activies are affected by a broad and changing legislation. Knowing and taking advantage of it is often the key to success in the Net. Having a corporate website, developing web portals, participating in social networks... all of them are widely adopted methods that entail the need to deal with many legal issues: regulations on the Internet, procurement, users and consumers, distance selling...

Audens, being aware that the current social and economic context makes it critical the presence on the Internet, provides comprehensive advice on the following matters:

  • Law and the Internet
    We advise companies on the provision of information society and e-commerce services, and adjust their websites to the Spanish regulations on the matter.
  • E-procurement
    Implementation of legal procedures for distance selling, means of payment and non-repudiation. Drafting of terms and conditions and other legal notices.
  • Users and consumers
    Prior risk analysis and advocacy on consumer issues, both with regard to administrative, arbitral or legal proceedings.
  • Advocacy
    Defence in case of initation of penalty proceeding by the Secretariat of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society (SETSI).