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Copyright law

Copyright law Copyright protection faces unprecedented threats, in the form of electronic piracy. Are your business assets protected? Is your work as an author, or are your licenses, legally secured?

Audens' legal advice on copyright law is intended to prevent disputes, meet needs and plan actions to safeguard your assets and copyrights. We focus our service to fully protect you from the threats arising from new technologies and criminal actions concerning software, pictures, sound and audiovisual recordings... And, of course, we offer you the means to defend these rights through the courts.

  • Software law
    We protect your software and databases at key stages of its development, sale, distribution and further support. We advise you to properly manage software licenses, relationships with partners and providers, agreements with external developers...
  • Applications
    We assess compliance of your apps with the developer policies of the main platforms, including both mobiles and social networks, and draft the relevant licenses.
  • Copyright protection
    Advice and litigation against copyright breaches, including actions for economic or moral damages. We draft licensing, transfer and assignment agreements, as well as recording or publishing contracts, among others.
  • Royalties and collecting societies
    We negotiate the payment of royalties and other compensations, including obtaining licenses from Spanish collecting societies, such as SGAE, Promusicae or VEGAP.
  • Copyright registration
    We process applications for the registration of your works to the Spanish Intellectual Property Registries, as well as to the relevant collecting societies.