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Advertising law

Advertising law From direct marketing to merchandising. From digital signage to behavioural targeting. Have you ever considered their legal consequences? Inadequate management of advertising efforts can turn a profitable campaign into a serious threat to your company, such as claims for breaching consumers' rights, actions for unfair advertising or even data protection complaints.

Preserve the reputation and prestige of your company, relying from the beginning on the expert assitance and legal advice that Audens provides.

  • Advertising contracts
    The success of a campaing often depends on a good contract. We draft and negotiate agreements for all types of advertising media: press, radio, TV, the Internet, sponsorships...
  • Traditional campaings
    We carry out prior risk analysis of your campaigns, in order to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and best practices in advertising.
  • Targeted advertising
    Social networks, search engines, digital signage, loyalty programs... We review the lawfulness of those campaigns that fit the message depending on indivuduals' behaviours.
  • Self-regulation
    We represent you in proceedings arising before "Autocontrol", the main and most representative advertising self-regulation system in Spain.